Part of our long-term plan is to have a true farm-to-table restaurant that showcases the bounty of AOOA and other local awesome Orange County farms. We have resubmitted to the Planning Board for approval of our plans, and would appreciate your support of our project by writing a letter or sending an email.  (And if you write, let us know! We’d love to personally express our thanks on your next visit to the farm!)


Please address emails and letters: 

"Dear Chairman Bergus & members of the Planning Board,"


Please email:

And cc:

Or, mail to: 

Chairman of the Planning Board Lee Bergus and Planning Board Members

Town Of Goshen 

41 Webster Ave

Goshen, NY 10924

Need some inspiration? 

Please find sample letters of support and additional information, below

About our Project

  • Through responsible farming practices, community workshops, and bountiful harvests, AOOA's mission is to promote the rich local food culture, build a more connected and resilient community, and contribute to a healthier planet.

  • We at AOOA have taken an overgrazed compacted piece of land and are working to turn it into a diverse productive ecosystem. Everything we do is in support of continuously improving the soil and supporting biodiversity.

  • Our regenerative silvopasture farm uses land management practices that are specifically designed to:

    • ameliorate soil conditions

    • prevent topsoil runoff

    • create a more vibrant and biodiverse ecosystem

    • increase carbon sequestration

    • make homes for native species

  • Our priority is to develop the restaurant in an environmentally sensitive, sustainable, and regenerative way. For example: 

    • We will be composting the food waste from the restaurant.

    • The septic system we will use will yield clean water that can be used for irrigating our pastures.

  • We strive to make a positive impact on the community. We want to build a community around good food and good agriculture. 

  • We are demonstrating how smart agricultural practices can be used for good by: 

    • improving the land and local ecosystem using proven regenerative measures

    • providing delicious nutrient-dense and mineral-rich  local food for the community

    • offering a space for the community to gather, learn, and thrive