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Super-Cheap Light Diffuser

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Found these cool lights, but didn’t want to run the recommend incandescents: 40 watts for just 450 lumens pffft). And, they look super harsh with our 60-watt-equivalent cheap LED bulbs exposed, so! One copier paper and 2 magnets later:

Some quick searching for bulb-mountable diffusers didn’t turn up anything, so I happily turned to DIY videos on you tube of photographers trying to get less harsh lighting:

We’ll probably switch out to wax paper soon. I may play with origami and/or laser-cut patterns mounted around the base of the bulb to go with these $5 ceramic fixtures we used in the basement rooms. It’s starting to look like a badass little farmhouse around here; after we finish changing out these lights, we’ll actually be able to see it after sunset, too!

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