Bill to Tail Virtual Cooking Workshop + Duck

Bill to Tail Virtual Cooking Workshop + Duck

Cooking Duck - A Beak to Tail Virtual Workshop

4PM (EST) Saturday October 17.


Our 15 Mulard ducks are ready to be sacrificed. Reserve your duck now and receive it in time to participate in our first workshop featuring confits of legs, wings and gizzards, dry cured breast, pan seared breast, rendered duck fat, and duck broth. 


It is pretty simple really! We lovingly raised these great animals. They have had a superbe life: completely free range and prancing around our silvopasure fields. Now, the time has come to harvest them. We not only want to sell them, but we want to get behind our mission statement and, "forge new relationships with the environment and what we eat through unique learning opportunities" with an empowering heavy duty crash course in cooking duck from absolute start to end via an accompanying webinar live from the farm with Ariane and Alix.


The plan is everyone receives their ducks by Friday the 16th and then at 4PM (GMT-4) Saturday October 17th we all tune in to cook together for two hours!


So, what do you say?



    • One mulard duck appox 6lbs
    • Hands on webinar with Ariane and Alix live from AOOA Farm so we can all cook together

    • No Returns as we are harvesting these ducks per order we receive.
    • That said! If for any reason at all you are dissatisfied with your purchase please contact us so we can make it up to you and improve how we do things. 

    • A delicious duck will arrive at your shipping address- be prepared !
  • Items you will need (not included)

    • Four spice mix

    • One head of fresh garlic

    • Coarse Kosher salt & Pepper

    • Red wine vinegar

    • Basic kitchen equipment: earthenware pot (or canning jars), roasting pan, stock pot, bowls, sharp boning knife, slotted spoon, trussing string