SELF SERVE Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm

OPEN Friday to Sunday 11am- 7pm

We offer plants, produce, eggs, honey, flowers, fruits, flowers and berries from our property.

AND! We cook for you to take away or enjoy in the cool shade of the trellis: grazing platters, vibrant salads and soups, tartines,  frittatas, coddled eggs in our soon-to-be famous sauces, silky desserts, and beguiling drinks… all from our daily AOOA harvest.

We offer a simple and authentic experience that connects you to your productive landscape!  With everything from awesome food to  homemade foods to fun outdoor farm workshops. AOOA a great place to visit at all seasons, since things are constantly changing depending on those  seasons!

Read on to learn more about our operations, products and activities on our other pages!



Below is the basics of what we cook up,
but we always have specials depending on what looks awesome in our fields!

Deviled eggs with seasonal accoutrements 
Crudité platter with Toum dip
Tartines with seasonal vegetables and sauces
Perfect egg with choice of Meurette, Merguez or Red Barn Sauce
Seasonal soups served with AOOA bread slice


Baby salad fresh picked microgreens, sprouts, greens, and veggies

Hearty Salad shredded kale, confits and smoked bits with warm vinaigrette 
+ egg if desired

AOOA Egg salad
Frittata of the day with Red Barn Sauce
Order in advance 
Rotisserie Chicken with potatoes and Chien, Red Barn or Toum sauce

Chien :  Scallions, onions, shallots, garlic, chili pepper, mustard, olive oil vinegar + optional hard boiled egg

Red Barn : Tomatoes, many different chili peppers, garlic, olive oil

Toum : Garlic confit in duck fat, Egg white, Grape seed oil

Meurette : Demi glace, hen of the woods, onion, ventreche, red wine, duck fat

Merguez : Demi glace, lamb merguez sausage and apples
Popsicles & shaved ices
Creme Caramel
Chocolate Mousse

Fresh Breads and baked goods, farm vegetables and berries, gummies, teas, pickles, honey..
and many other farm goods !