• Eli

Blocks and Biocontrol

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

It’s been a long process of designing the layout of All One One All. I’ve tried to envision the problems of the future, and preempt them.

Moving electronet is hard! Or, it’s hard when things go wrong. We decided on 42′ spacing between the rows because that would accommodate three (12-foot) electronet sections. We’ll have fodder shrubs in between those rows, and we need a way to enclose sections of them with electronet. So we decided that the farm would be made of rectangles 36’x82′ that we’ll call “blocks.” We have sections of electronet that are 82 feet (seven panels). This way, we can have consistent paddock sizes and keep the “doors” of the paddocks in places that make sense (like, next to tomorrow’s paddock).