August 7th : Cultivate Curiosity: Science at the Farm - Resources

August 7th : Cultivate Curiosity: Science at the Farm - Resources

Come to the farm with your kids and let them take science literally into their own hands. Using AOOA’s extensive ecological community, Diane Gonzalez will lead small classes on learning expeditions throughout the summer. Aimed toward middle-schoolers but open to learners of all ages, you can drop in to one class or sign up for multiple! If you want to take all the classes check out the bundle pricing offer that gives you 20% off, as in $70 off ! It is listed as a separate item on the Workshop/Events page!


On August 7th, we will focus on Exploring Available Resources in Ecosystems.


Join us as we take a tour of the various habitats that make up our biosphere. We are going to talk about biomes, conservation, natural biogeochemical cycles, symbiotic relationships, food webs, food chains, and populations/communities! Let's find out about how all living things are dependent on one another and what resources keep us all alive. We are going to look at why we should appreciate our favorite decomposers; the worm and fungi.


Instructor Bio:

Recognized for her instructional leadership,excellence in teaching, outstanding community and civic leadership, Diane Gonzalez is a creative, dedicated educator with over thirty years of teaching experience. While her specialty is in a classroom for grades seven through nine, she is a teacher of all ages as she advocates for the environment through science education and preservation of natural  resources. With a hands-on approach, Diane and her infectious sense of curiosity will guide 10 students and their chaperones through natural science subjects. With AOOA as our classroom, we will be able to experience our topics in real time and bring science to life!


    • Workshop Specs:

    • Class starts at 2PM

    • Class is  limited to 10 students

    • Class is 2 hours in length total (45 minute lesson,  followed by a 30 minute break with refreshment and egg snack is provided, ending with a 45 minute lesson)

    • Subject material is taught at 7th grade level

    • We ask that a chaperone accompany the children in each family to ensure children's safety on the farm and for a wonderful learning experience for all.


    • Unfortunately we cannot reschedule or refund  this class if you are unable to make it.

    • If you are unable to make it please offer it to a fellow parent and their kid, then come on by to the farmstand on a summer weekend to redeem one dozen eggs on us!


    • All supplies for the day

    • Dressed in farm-appropriate clothing (long pants, closed-toe shoes)

    • Your curiosity


    • A sense of wonder and fascination with the world around you!