July 31 : Smash and Stitch with Robin Schweitzer

July 31 : Smash and Stitch with Robin Schweitzer

Robin Schweitzer joins AOOA to teach botanical dye techniques on silk and the basics of embroidery stitching and design. We will take a farm tour and nature walk, foraging for our natural dyes as we go. Once we’ve collected our goodies we will get out all the pent up energy from a year of quarantining by smashing the plants to extract their dye. Our gentler side will be rewarded by time spent learning embroidery stitching and design.


Instructor Bio

The daughter of a Mexican mother and American father, Robin Schweitzer grew up in the Bronx. After a successful 38-year career in the fashion industry, Robin founded the HOOP in New York City. Born out of her childhood summers in Mexico City stitching alongside her grandmother, mother, aunts and cousins, the HOOP serves as an untethered hangout of curious creatives to fastidiously learn stitching, fiber craft, and life lessons, too.


    • Class starts at 2PM

    • Class is limited to 20 people

    • Class length is 3 hours

    • Appropriate for all ages 

    • We ask that a chaperone accompany any children to ensure children's safety on the farm and for a wonderful learning experience for all.


    • Stuff happens so if you can't make it let us know 24 hours before and we will happily reschedule !

    • Hoops, embroidery floss, silk scarf or fabric

    • Your curiosity and creativity
    • If you have any stitches or designs you specifically want to learn bring photos!
    • If you want to work on an article of clothing you own please feel free to bring it!

    • Your embroidered and dyed creations